Property Clinic: First Step Towards Your Dream Home

Since the time we are young children, we all have dreamt about owning our own home. A home is a place  where people feel the most happy and safe. Owning a home not only brings a lot of joy, satisfaction and a sense of achievement it also is a very sensible investment. We see our parents and hear about the struggles and obstacles that come with buying a house. There are many unanswered questions and doubts and a lot of variables to cover. And sometimes real-estate agents and brokers aren’t the most transparent about the legality of their dealings and a likely to over-charge.


People are always worried about being scammed and cheated and losing their lifesavings. Owning a house is a beautiful dream that is spoilt by stress and uncertainty. Property Clinic wants to make that beautiful dream a reality.



There are many potential obstacles that can come in the process of buying a home. It can be legal issues or problems with getting home loans or unreasonable sellers. But the problems don’t end with just buying the house. It is a long journey from acquiring a property and turning it into a home. We aim to make the journey as smooth as possible for you, so that buying a house will be a happy and momentous memory rather than a stressful time.





Buying a home is a huge investment. With such things it is better to be cautious and thorough with all legal aspects of the process. There are a lot of documents exchanged when you are buying a house. Be it checking the authenticity of the Title Deed, Sale Deed of the property, or confirming whether the property has a Land Use Certificate, it is important to check whether all the documents are in order. Property Clinic will help you out and get you all the legal help that you might need.




Finding your dream house that is in your budget is very difficult for the average man. The budget and availability of funds play an important role in the decision making of the type of the house and the location you can pick. Very few buyers can afford to pay the complete price of the prospective house in cash.  Many people will forgo their dream house and compromise on what they want due to lack of funds. Buyers then end up depending on home loans to buy a house. A lot of times the Banks fail to offer a good deal to the buyers. This is where we come in. Property Clinic will help you get the best deal on home loans and Government Schemes like the PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana) to get the house you deserve.




Buying a home is big deal for a lot of people, they put their entire life savings into this dream. Many buyers are constantly worried that they will be scammed by people posing as fake owners. There are also many house owners who are not honest about the condition and issues of the house when they sell their property. It is a major cause of worry that the seller is not being transparent and is not providing all the required information. In many instances, the sale is completely handled by brokers and agents. Without involving the owners and the buyers can be swindled by these brokers and agents who give them fake information about the property and hike up the price than its original market value. We do not wish this to happen, and therefore Property clinic will help you by doing a compete background check of the property and owners and will give you a thorough assessment before letting you buy a property. We will also make sure that transparency is maintained between buyers and sellers.


Water/ Electricity:


The Journey doesn’t end with just buying the house, a person has to walk a thousand miles before they can settle into their own home. There many aspects that have to be looked into after signing the sale deed. Many problems will crop up in regard to the maintenance of the place. Like the water and Electricity connection. Getting the name changed on the water and electricity bills after the transfer of ownership is a tiresome job. It means making multiple trips to their offices and dealing with a lot of bureaucrats. We want you to rest easy after getting your dream house and leave the rest to us. Property Clinic has a dedicated team that will solve all the problems that come with buying and then owning a home. Nobody said buying a home is easy, but you don’t have to go through it alone. We want your dream house to be a reality and will face all the issues with you. From making the right choice to helping with the loan to solving maintenance issue, you have us by your side!



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